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The new MSO7102TD offers a 16 channel logic-analyser and a digital storage oscilloscope in one device at a really good price.

The colorful TFT LCD panel with a resolution of 640 × 480dpi makes the wave easy to read, especially in regards to big data volume or many waves covered reciprocally.

The MSO7102TD offers a bandwidth of 100 MHz at a sample rate of 1 GSa/s in oscilloscope mode, and up to 100 MHz of bandwidth at a sample rate of 2 GSa/s in logic-analyser mode.

Delivery including 2 probes, logic module, 16 logic probes with hooks, USB cable, PC software, power adapter and manual.

Logic-analyser mode

Logic-Analyser details MSO7102TD
Sample rate (real time) 20 Sa/s - 2 GSa/s
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Channels 16
Record length 4M per channel
Input impedance 1 MΩ±2%
Trigger mode Edge trigger, Bus trigger, State trigger, Data alignment trigger, Data width trigger
Threshold voltage ±10 V (4 settings)
Input signal range ±15 V
Data search
Data system Binary, decimal, hexadecimal
Digital filter 0, 1, 2, optional
Setting storage 10 settings

Oscilloscope mode

Oscilloscope details MSO7102TD
Channels 2
Real-time sample rate 1 GSa/s real time
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Signal MSO7102TD
Max. Input voltage 400 V (peak)
Real-time sample rate 10 Sa/s to 1 GSa/s real time
Time base

2 ns/Div. to 100 s/Div.

(Steps 1 - 2 - 5)

Memory 2M points on each channel
Vertical MSO7102TD
Analog digital converter (A/D) With the resolution of 8 bits, make sampling on both channels synchronously.
Sensitivity range (V/div) 2 mV/Div to 10 V/Div.
Displacement range ±10 Div. (5 mV - 5 V)
Trigger MSO7102TD
Trigger Channel 1, 2 and external Trigger
Trigger displacement

Pre-Trigger: 655 Divisions

Post-Trigger: 4 Divisions

Signal system and line/field frequency (Video triggering mode) Support the NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcasting systems of any field or line frequency.
Measurement MSO7102TD
Cursor measurement Voltage difference (∆V) and time difference (∆T) between cursors
Auto measurement Peak-to-peak value, average value, root mean square value, frequency and cycle.

General data MSO7102TD
Display 7.8" TFT LCD with 260000 colors
Resolution 640 × 480 Pixel

370 mm × 180 mm × 120 mm

(14.57" × 7.09" × 4.72")

Weight 2200 g (4.84 lbs)
Supported operation systems Windows XP(32Bit), Vista(32Bit), Windows 7(32Bit)

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