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CarbonFil is a 15% carbon fiber reinforced PETG based 3D printer filament that is extremely stiff. CarbonFil 3D prints 3D prints with a high dimensional accuracy and virtually no warping.

Our CarbonFil filament is based upon the unique PETG blend of our HDglass compound and is reinforced with 15% ultra-light and relatively long stringer carbon fibres, which has resulted in an exceptionally stiff carbon-fibre reinforced 3D printer filament. CarbonFil is twice as stiff as HDglass and yet it is even 10% more impact resistant, which is a remarkable feature for carbon-fibre reinforced filament.

Unique features

Reinforced with 15% ultra-lightweight and relatively long carbon fibre stringers

Extremely stiff

Two times as stiff as HDglass (or even more compared to other PETG-based filaments)

Great impact resistance

10% more impact resistant than HDglass (or even more compared to other PETG-based filaments)

Very easy to print

Nearly warp-free, improved thermal stability, nearly perfect first layer and inter-layer adhesion

Good first layer adhesion to a heated glass print bed and many other surfaces

Heat deflection temperature of ± 85° C

Great dimensional stability


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