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SG3526 Voltage Mode controller PWM, 500Khz - 8V to 35V Operation 0°C to 70°C

4,500 TND
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The SG3526 is a high-performance monolithic pulse width modulator circuit designed for fixed-frequency switching regulators and other power control applications. Included in an 18-pin dual-in-line package are a temperature compensated voltage reference, sawtooth oscillator, error amplifier, pulse width modulator, pulse metering and steering logic, and two low impedance power drivers. Also included are protective features such as soft-start and undervoltage lockout, digital current limiting, double pulse inhibit, a data latch for single pulse metering, adjustable deadtime, and provision for symmetry correction inputs.

For ease of interface, all digital control ports are TTL and B-series CMOS compatible. Active LOW logic design allows wired-OR connections for maximum flexibility. This versatile  device can be used to implement single-ended or push-pull switching regulators of either polarity, both transformerless and transformer coupled.


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