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ESP32-S2 Module

Xtensa® Single-Core 32-bit LX7 Microprocessor (up to 240MHz)

RISC-V ULP Coprocessor

128KB ROM and 320KB SRAM

4MB of Embedded SPI Flash Storage

Cryptographic Hardware Accelerators

AES, ECB/CBC/OFB/CFB/CTR, GCM, SHA, RSA, and ECC (Digital Signature)

Physical Security Features

Transparent external flash and RAM encryption (AES-XTS)

Secure Boot feature ensures only signed firmware (with RSA-PSS signature) is booted

HMAC and Digital Signature modules use software inaccessible keys to generate SHA-MAC and MAC signatures

Integrated 802.11 b/g/n WiFi 2.4GHz Transceiver (up to 150Mbps)

Integrated Temperature Sensor (-20°C to 110°C)

Operating Voltage: 3.0 to 3.6V

WiFi: 310mA (peak)

Light-Sleep: 550µA

Deep-Sleep: 20-235µA

21 Available GPIO

16x 12-bit ADC Channels

2x 8-bit DAC

14x Capacitive Touch Sensing

4x SPI (only one is configured by default in the Arduino IDE)

1x I2S

2x I2C (only one is configured by default in the Arduino IDE)

2x UART (only two are configured by default in the Arduino IDE, one UART is used for bootloading/debug)

8x PWM Channels

JST LiPo Battery Connector

Qwiic Connector

USB-C Connector


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