Lampe Loupe LED 8W 127mm 1.75x magnification

480,000 TND
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650 lm, 127 mm glass lens, 1.75x magnification, 3 dioptres

The magnifier lamp with a 127 mm diameter creates a shadow-free, daylight-balanced LED ring illumination

Magnifying glass lamp comes with standard glass lens (incl. protective cap) with 3 dioptres and 1.75x magnification, not replaceable

Double articulated arm of the hands-free magnifier with light provides a flexible 700 mm working radius.

Lens head can be tilted up to 90° and swivelled 360°.

The craft magnifier is useful e.g. in the beauty sector, as a reading aid or for precision work such as embroidery and soldering.

Ideally suited as a table magnifying glass, craft light, a desk, drawing or reading lamp

The clip-on of the magnifying desk lamp is suitable for a table-top thickness of up to 60 mm. Replacement table clamp: 77460, matching wall bracket: 55771.

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