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Voiture intelligente Smart Robot Car Kit Compatible avec Arduino


This 4 Wheel Drive Smart Robot Car is an open-source platform education robot based on the Arduino main controller. With features like multiple remote control, App driving options, variety of sensors modules, solder-less connections, and easy assembly, it is a great platform for both beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming and robotics.

The Kuman controller board enables the robot to be programmed with standard Arduino IDE or secondary development environments, and makes it easy to use ready Arduino code and libraries.

Packing list:

Control board for Arduino*1

Sensor shield board V5.0 *1

Bluetooth module *1

Ultrasonic module *1

Reduction Motor *4, 9G micro servo *1

Infrared receiver module *1

Infrared remote-control module*1

Ultrasonic module holder *1

Infrared following module *2

Infrared obstacle avoidance module *2

L298N motor drive module *1

Car chassis with buzzer *1

Wheel *4, Lithium battery charger *1

Switch battery box *1

Lithium battery with Protection board *2

USB data Cable*1 

3 Pin Dupont cable *4

Dupont cable *8, 2.0 leadwire *2, 

4 pin-1 pin cable 22cm *1

Drive board power cable *1

6 pin-3 pin cable *1

4 pin-1 pin cable 10cm *1

Blue LED *4, White LED *2

Cross screw driver *1

DC male plug *1

M3*25 copper pole *2

M3*20 copper pole *8

M3*15 copper pole *2

M3*6 screw *30

M3*25 screw *8

M2*10 screw *2

M3 nut *10, M2 nut *2

Velcro *1, CD with Code *1

User manual *1

Plastic Storage box *1

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