2 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board For DIY Laser Engraver

120,000 TND
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Brand EleskMaker
Model ManaSE
Interface USB
Size 94*46mm
Hole Size 85x36mm
Support Axis XY axis
Power Requirement Higher than12V 2A
Support Stepper Motor Motor within 2A 2-phase 4-wire
Input Voltage 12V
Power Interface DC5.5 - 2.1  (Inside is positive  electrodes and
ouside is negative electrodes)

1. Fit for DIY desktop laser engraver,dispensing machines printer,plotter
2. Come with USB cable and connector wires.
3. 2-axis  linkage Y-axis dual interface, can drive a stepper motor within 2A 2-phase 4-wire.
4. Large MOS tube,onboard DC buck module, jumper  ADJ can adjust manually the laser voltage to control the laser power

EleksCAM software download link is here : Click here

There isn't  Voltage Regulator Module in this  Laser board .
The motor can not  work hight  than 2A, when the motor work for a long time in 1A to 2A , please pay attention to heat

Wiring instruction:


Package included:
1 X  2 Axis Driver Board
1 X USB Cable
5 X Connector Wire

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